Wellness Inclusive Packages at SereS Springs Resort & Spa And SenS Hotel & Spa, Ubud

SereS Springs Resort & Spa, Singakerta and SenS Hotel & Spa Ubud Town Centre are very proud to announce the official launching of their respective packaged program on Wellness, Health, Beauty, and Medical Spa Clinic for other adjunct beauty enhancement treatments.

Having identified a particular demand segment of tourists and visitors who seek respite and relaxation during their time away, by also taking full advantage of the benefits that will be offered in accordance with a pre-planned and organized health regimen, both SereS Springs Resort & Spa and SenS Hotel & Spa are very pleased to offer two Wellness Inclusive Packages including Tax & Service Charge, each with inclusion of room accommodation, consumption of organic food and beverages, other exercise and spa activities on their respective premises.

As an adjunct and independent service, the Cocoon Medical Spa & Clinic located on Monkey Forest Road, Ubud, licensed by the Department of Health and staffed by certified medical doctors, will offer available options on a number of beauty treatments and procedures that also include Botox Injections and Colonics, and a Price List for guests’ own choice and expense.

Two Wellness Inclusive Packages are: (1) 3 Nights / 4 days Package. And (2) 5 Nights / 6 days Package with more services included shown as **

  • Round-trip Airport Pick-up and Return
  • Jet Lag and Balinese Massages
  • Breakfasts, Lunches, & Dinners with Organic Food & Beverages (non-Alcoholic); other Alcoholic Beverages are extra
  • Daily Gentle Shaolin Calisthenic Movements & Stretches
  • Guided Scenic Strolling Tour with Visit to Historic Landmarks
  • Balinese Dance Instruction
  • Bamboo Painting Instruction
  • Premium or Signature Facials
  • Sunrise Meditation
  • Balinese Purification and Cleansing at Sacred Springs Pool, SereS Springs Resort & Spa
  • Guided Cycling Tour to Landmarks including Bicycle Rental **
  • Yoga Session with Instructor at Wos Yoga Bale **
  • Herbal Compress Treatment **
  • Ayurveda & Shirodara **
  • Instruction on Making Balinese Ceremonial Offerings **

The introduction and launching of the Wellness, Health, Beauty and Medical Spa Programme (WHBMS/Wellness Programme) would feature the Eight Gentle Shaolin Calisthenic Exercises as a daily morning routine in promoting and sustaining health benefits. For our Wellness Programme, the day begins with the Shaolin Daily Routine as a gentle warm-up with stretching movements, to be followed by breakfast and a full day’s programme of events.

We believe the Shaolin Daily Routine will achieve the following health benefits; however medical attention and care must be attended to by a medical provider.

(A) Elongate muscle groups; open up meridian points; flexing body joints, unleash bodily blockages,
and not least help drain lymph nodes.

(B) Help to move fluids, “replenish” meridian points; “re-circulate”, “reposition”, and “refresh” all body
parts and joints such as bone structures, ligaments, and vital bone elements.

(C) Mitigate stiffness and soreness in areas such as joints, ankles, knees, heels, elbows, and the
entire back and shoulder. Please alert resort/hotel staff if back pains are an issue.

(D) Promote circulation of blood-flow throughout the entire body and vital organs of Brain, Heart,
Lungs, Liver, and Kidneys by some pumping actions that are inherent in the Shaolin Daily Routine

(E) The human body thus naturally stretched and without added stress, re-aligned, re-positioned, reactivated,
and with blood vessels being “lubricated” through repeated stimulation of blood circulation,
will create a very clear sense of purpose and well-being for each day.


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